Invisible Fillings

There is no reason you ever have to see your fillings anymore. With the latest dental materials, a skilled dentist can make your dental work disappear.

The newer materials used in these "invisible fillings" are both life-like and durable, and actually seal the gap between the dental restoration and your tooth better than the older, mercury-containing silver fillings. This means that they are not only stronger, but less likely to decay or break down.

Like the latest plastics, ceramics, and composites used in automobiles and kitchens and baths, these materials are incredibly sturdy and beautiful, and the newest dental materials can be made to look almost exactly like your own teeth.
Dr. Epstein's particular skill shows in the way he selects the right material for each location, and uses his fine-tuned esthetic sensibility to match color and shape so your dental work disappears.

We do not use any mercury-containing materials (silver amalgam) in our office.

Cost of Invisible Fillings

Are you concerned about Invisible Fillings costs? Budgeting for your health is a concern we take seriously. We participate with CareCredit, an interest-free health financing program, as well as with most insurance companies.

For those insurance companies that restrict your dental care, we try to find a bottom line way that meets your needs and our costs. We will be happy to assist you in making comfortable arrangements.


The Family Dentist

Richard A. Epstein, DMD, FAGD

Emergency 24/7 Care – (203) 227-3709

Dr. Epstein's has moved to 329 Riverside Avenue in  Westport, about 5 minutes from his former office.
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